Use the DAPP Network to Create a LiquidStorage-based Distributed Storage System and You Could Win up to 250,000 DAPP tokens!

The DAPP Drive Bounty is the latest addition to the DAPP Network Grants Program. Want to see all the exciting grants and bounties you could win? Visit our dedicated bounty and grants page to get started!

Are you in quarantine and suddenly have some extra time on your hands? Isaac Newton discovered gravity while in quarantine. Shakespeare wrote 3 plays in isolation. If you’re a DAPP Network developer and looking for something productive to contribute to, you can help us build a distributed storage system for the average user.

Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google Drive. Imagine trying to work remotely or back up your data without these solutions. File hosting services were the pioneers of the cloud computing revolution, and now we can’t recall a time that we ever managed without them. With the internet evolving into a decentralized Web3.0, file storage is beginning to shift from centralized providers to decentralized marketplaces.

Storage systems underpinning the centralized web are struggling to keep pace with both the growing volume of data flow and the global shift towards decentralization. LiquidStorage is a high-performance storage system currently in action on the DAPP Network which enables decentralized file storage that is efficient and reliable.

Using LiquidStorage, developers can finally build decentralized storage applications that can form the backbone of Web 3.0. LiquidStorage provides a robust foundation for decentralized storage dApps that are simple, secure and scalable, and can allow other developers and users to enjoy end-to-end decentralization with just a few clicks.

Now it’s your turn to build a functional, customizable end-product that will deliver real value to both developers and ordinary users.

In order to qualify, submissions must include a running dApp and be deployed on a public blockchain that is connected to the DAPP Network. Submitted dApps must allow the end-users to both choose how many DSPs will be hosting their data and enable an encryption feature that is both symmetric and quantum-resistant. Including a multi-party or group encryption capability in their submission can award the winning team with a special bonus!

Decentralized file storage systems provide an alternative to trusting centralized data silos with your private information. With LiquidStorage as the foundation, you can now build an accessible decentralized storage solution that makes this powerful functionality available to seasoned developers and mainstream consumers alike.

Want to see all the exciting grants and bounties you could win? Visit our dedicated bounty and grants page to get started!

  1. DAPP Network’s Reddit Scaling Bounty — up to 1,000,000 DAPP
  2. DAPP Drive Bounty (LiquidStorage) — up to 350,000 DAPP
  3. DAPP Network’s Bridge to Chainlink Bounty — up to 350,000 DAPP
  4. vRAM System Usage Grant — 75,000 DAPP
  5. LiquidOracles Usage Grant — 75,000 DAPP
  6. LiquidAccounts Usage Grant — 75,000 DAPP
  7. LiquidScheduler Usage Grant — 75,000 DAPP

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