EdgeOS, Immortal dApps, Interoperability, DAPP Network on EVM, and LiquidChains

The text outlined below was derived from the transcript from the #TALAMA session in the DAPP Network Telegram channel on August 9. Some minor edits were made for conciseness and clarity. For full context from the entire AMA, we suggest listening to the audio version on the LiquidApps YouTube channel…

Ethereum’s Handbook of the Universal Bridging Framework and Middleware of Services

The stakes have never been higher.

While the scaling challenges of base-layer blockchains are nothing new, the growth of the DeFi sector, especially on Ethereum, has brought a newfound sense of urgency to the quest for scale. In the race to remake the financial infrastructure of tomorrow, large corporations hold…


  • The DAPP Network community intends to optimize its liquidity position through a collaboration with the Bancor DAO that will inject ~$1.5m of liquidity into DAPP.
  • Through an innovative reward mechanism developed specifically by the DAPP Network for this purpose, the BNT<>DAPP liquidity pool’s impermanent loss protection will be covered by…

A summary of the DAPP Network’s news and accomplishments this month.

DAPP Network Governance Goes Live!

March started out with a bang when a new governance model was introduced to the DAPP Network community, kicking off the month with a significant development.

A New Governance Model is Introduced

DAPP Network Governance Portal Launches

One day after the DAPP Network governance contracts were deployed, a community hosted governance portal went live at DAPPGovernance.com.

Bridging, Connecting & Collaborating in the Age of Social Distancing


  • Cross-chain bridging and interoperability has become one of the focal points of the DAPP Network during its second year of development.
  • EdgeDSPs are taking cross-chain a step further by enabling anyone with an internet connection to become a DAPP Service Provider, lowering the barriers to network growth and further decentralizing…

DAPP Network

DAPP Network aims to optimize development on the blockchain by equipping developers with a range of products for building and scaling dApps.

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