Ethereum’s Handbook of the Universal Bridging Framework and Middleware of Services

The stakes have never been higher.

While the scaling challenges of base-layer blockchains are nothing new, the growth of the DeFi sector, especially on Ethereum, has brought a newfound sense of urgency to the quest for scale. In the race to remake the financial infrastructure of tomorrow, large corporations hold a commanding lead over disruptive DeFi startups. Optimizing for decentralization comes at the cost of enhanced scalability (to understand why this is so, read up about the Scalability Trilemma.)

Incumbent giants, such as Visa and Mastercard, are shifting their attention to blockchain-based financial services as a way to tap into…


  • The DAPP Network community intends to optimize its liquidity position through a collaboration with the Bancor DAO that will inject ~$1.5m of liquidity into DAPP.
  • Through an innovative reward mechanism developed specifically by the DAPP Network for this purpose, the BNT<>DAPP liquidity pool’s impermanent loss protection will be covered by DAPP.
  • The DAPP Network will open-source this mechanism so that the Bancor community can provide significantly more liquidity to many more promising projects with low initial market capitalizations while remaining profitable on its innovative impermanent loss protection program.
  • Vote FOR to whitelist DAPP Token with a co-investment of 500k BNT.

LiquidApps has awarded a 750,000 DAPP grant to Blockstart as part of the DAPP Network Grants Program for the design, development, and deployment of the DAPP bridge to Ethereum. This also included the creation of the DAPP ERC20 contract, as well as other components that are essential for the continued operation of this bridge and its improvement and maintenance per the community’s decisions.

Blockstart is a Silicon Valley accelerator for decentralized applications and one of the early adopters of the DAPP Network. They have been operating as a DAPP Service Provider (DSP) since 2019. …

A summary of the DAPP Network’s news and accomplishments this month.

DAPP Network Governance Goes Live!

March started out with a bang when a new governance model was introduced to the DAPP Network community, kicking off the month with a significant development.

A New Governance Model is Introduced

DAPP Network Governance Portal Launches

One day after the DAPP Network governance contracts were deployed, a community hosted governance portal went live at

A Walkthrough for Participating in DAPP Network Governance

For more details and information on DAPP Network Governance, please refer to the Introducing DAPP Network Governance blog article.

Connect EOS Wallet

Step 1

Visit the community hosted DAPP Network Governance Portal.

Step 2

Click “CONNECT” in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Bridging, Connecting & Collaborating in the Age of Social Distancing


  • Cross-chain bridging and interoperability has become one of the focal points of the DAPP Network during its second year of development.
  • EdgeDSPs are taking cross-chain a step further by enabling anyone with an internet connection to become a DAPP Service Provider, lowering the barriers to network growth and further decentralizing the DAPP Network.
  • A new DAPP Network governance system enables the community to suggest, debate, and implement changes to the DAPP Network.

“Looking forward to 2020, we believe that by interoperating with one another, individual networks can create win-win scenarios amongst themselves while driving meaningful transformation on a global scale.”

A Deeply Decentralized Future for the DAPP Network


  • A new governance model is being introduced for the DAPP Network.
  • A proposal system is at the core of DAPP Network governance. Any DAPP token holder can submit a proposal and the DAPP token holders must vote for it to pass.
  • The keys for the DAPPSERVICES smart contract will be held by an MSIG of DAPP Network Guardians, in charge of deploying and signing changes based on approved governance proposals passed by the DAPP Network community.

One of the overarching goals in the blockchain industry to date has been to build distributed systems that can run autonomous protocols dictated by…


  • DAPP Network’s blockchain-agnostic bridging framework arriving on the scene manifests Polkadot’s vision of seamless interoperability not only within the DOT ecosystem but also with blockchains at large.
  • Bancor’s cross-chain bridge to Polkadot plans to bring BNT to EVM compatible parachains, making Polkadot a destination for scalable multi-chain decentralized applications with access to Bancor’s deep liquidity network on Ethereum.
  • Cross-chain smart contract execution using DAPP Network bridging technology can unlock the potential of next-gen DeFi with composability across multiple blockchains.
  • Rather than being limited to bi-directional connections between two chains, DAPP Network’s blockchain-agnostic nature of EdgeDSPs can potentially make many-to-many connections…

Create DAPP Network Content and Stand to Win A Recurring Grant of DAPP Tokens Each Month!

For many talented and creative individuals across the blockchain space, the ability to contribute towards the building of decentralized technologies is constrained by their lack of developer expertise. Those who don’t code but rather create through visuals, ideas, and stories deserve to showcase their talent and make an impact. Now, these dedicated community members have their chance to step into the spotlight.

We’re excited to introduce the DAPP Network’s Ambassadors Program: A brand-new initiative incentivizing writers, podcasters, video-makers, and content creators from the community…

The potential for anyone to become a bridging agent could accelerate connections between chains and dApps

The greatest interoperability saga continues.

In our last piece, we introduced the exciting concept of EdgeDSPs, an innovation that could allow for running DAPP Service Providers in-browser. EdgeDSP technology lowers the barriers to entry so many stakeholders can participate in DAPP Network’s growth.

In today’s edition, we chart the evolution that led to this point in time where potentially anyone with an internet connection could run a DSP and thereby become an agent on the DAPP Network. Not only is this meaningful for DAPP Network, but it is also a massive step forward for interoperability as a whole.

The Evolution of the DAPP Service Providers (DSPs)

Anyone can…

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